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Asset:   FIT2400254C
Manufacturer:   U.S. Filter
Model:   Custom
Description:   Triplex 72 x 60 Multimedia Filter System
Quantity:   1
Condition:   Used - Surplus
Price:   $26,500.00 ea
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Please see technical documents below for additional information.
Shipping dimensions: 21' 4"L x 8' 10"W x 9' 3" H.
Approximate shipping weight: 40,000 lbs.

Technical Documents:

FIT2400254C Specs
FIT2400254C Drawing

Tank Size Diameter X Side Sheet:72" x 60"
Material of Construction:Carbon steel
Lining Material:10-12 mils (2 coats) sprayed epoxy, color white
Type of Support:(4) Structural steel legs with integral drilled steel pads mounted on a common skid
Influent and Effluent Size and Connection Type:4" Raw water inlet, 4" Filtered water outlet, 6" Backwash water inlet, 6" Backwash and rinse water outlet
Manway Size and Location:Top access: one 11" x 15" opening, Media removal: (side) two 4" x 6" openings