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Asset:   FIT2400028
Manufacturer:   IDI
Model:   150 gpm Dual Media Filter
Description:   150 - 200 gpm Gravity Dual Media Filter. Square tank with sample ports every few inches.
Quantity:   1
Condition:   Used - Surplus
Price:   $31,750.00 ea
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This unit was in use for 12-months at part of pilot test for the City of Columbus, OH drinking water plant.  The media filter was used to polish water coming out of a IDI DAF and Clarifier.  The filter produced water to feed a Reverse Osmosis System. Drawings and engineering information are available upon request. 

Technical Documents:

Filter Test Report

Tank Size Diameter X Side Sheet:W x L x H, 6.0FT x 10.0FT x 10.0FT
Contains two cells with 5' x 6' Dimensions
Material of Construction:Carbon Steel
Lining Material:Epoxy