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Asset:   FIT2360132
Manufacturer:   Marlo, Inc.
Description:   Duplex Carbon Skid 54 Inch x 60 Inch
Quantity:   1
Condition:   Not Used - Surplus
Price:   $21,750.00 ea
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Skie mounted duplex carbon system with stainless steel distribution, sanitary inlet/outlet, carbon steel construction and plasite lined. Overall dimensions are 118" L x 91" D x 113" H.

Tank Size, Diameter x Sidesheet:54 x 60
Material of Construction:Carbon Steel
Lining Material:Plasite
Influent and Effluent Size and Connection Type:3 Inch Sanitary
Manway Size and Location:11 x 16 Top Dome, 4 x 6 Lower Side Sheet
:Stainless Steel Internal Distribution
:MAWP 100 PSI at 120 F