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Asset:   ELE2140051C
Manufacturer:   Magnatek
Model:   GPD 515
Description:   Variable Frequency Drive
Quantity:   2
Condition:   Used - Good
Price:   $2,800.00 ea
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Magnetek GPD 515 Variable Frequency Drive in good condidtion. Model number on unit is WC13-BE1BCF. AC Input: 460V 106A, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz. AC Output: 0-460V, 96A, 3 Phase, 0-60 Hz.

Unit is paired with a TCI KLR110CCB3 Enclosed Line Reactor. This 3 phase reactor is designed for use as an input filter for adjustable speed DC drives or output filters of AC-PWM variable frequency drives. The unit acts as a buffer between solid state power circuits and the line or the motor.

Input:460V, 106A, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz
Output:0-460V, 96A, 3 phase, 0-60Hz