Watersurplus product lines feature equipment from manufacturers liken GE, FilmTec, Global Filter, Purolite

Carbon Resources Management Team has over 100 years of experience in the activated carbon and activated charcoal industry. Our Sabre Series® activated carbon products are the most diverse line of activated carbon products on the market. Additionally our Spartan Series® specialty activated carbon products are surface modified to be extremely effective in various applications and our Spectra Series is a unique blend of carbon and synthetic materials that are custom-made for each unique application. We also provide a line of Guardian Adsorber Series® which are off-the shelf and custom built activated carbon adsorption systems and can service them with a turnkey approach.

Carbon Resources takes pride is supporting our customers with a quality product that is backed by technical support and individualized customer service. All our carbons and activated charcoal products go through one of the most stringent quality control protocols on the market. From certified ASTM lot testing to laser particle analyzing to independent lab verification, our quality control is of utmost importance to us. Our Technical Director is Vice-Chairman of the ASTM D-28 committee which governs all the testing protocols for every activated carbon manufacturer worldwide.

We provide technical applications support such as isotherm predictions, system design and analysis, on-site and off-site laboratory column and batch testing as well as several technical bulletins available to our customers. With stocking locations throughout the United States, financial ties to our plants and large inventory of various base activated carbon products, we can service your needs immediately and effectively. We want to be your activated carbon or activated charcoal resource!

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