Watersurplus product lines feature equipment from manufacturers liken GE, FilmTec, Global Filter, Purolite
Purolite's focus is producing resins for Ion Exchange, Adsorbents, Catalysts, and Special Applications. Purolite has grown to become a leading supplier of specialty resins for the ion exchange, catalyst, absorbents and specialty applications markets worldwide.

Purolite is committed to developing products that have the minimum possible environmental impact and is a prime manufacturer and distributor of products which are widely used in; pharmaceutical production; microchips (where low TOC resins meet the demand for Ultra Pure water for manufacturing semiconductors); potable water; chemical and refining industries; catalysis; the food and beverage industry; metals extraction; metals finishing; electroplating; nuclear power generation; chromatographic separation and adsorbent chemistries.

With market leading manufacturing capacity, broad product range and record of innovative research, Purolite has a unique commitment to the specialty resins market place.