Watersurplus Rental Fleet of water treatment solutions.

Ready-to-run equipment that is available when you need it.

A Shared Asset Pool (ASAP) is a new and unique equipment rental service that helps you achieve key business goals, meet critical water needs as well as cope with scarce water and capital resources. Watersurplus understands that plant downtime, or not being able to meet production demands, is not an option.

Watersurplus offers a fleet of mobile water treatment systems, providing rapid response for a full range of reverse osmosis, filtration, demineralization and softening treatment on demand. Mobile water treatment is available quickly for emergency, supplemental, or extended term service with flow rates ranging from a 5 gpm pilot plant up to a 1000 gpm filtration requirement.

Our cost-effective rental systems help boost your profits by producing consistent product quality, operating reliably, while optimizing the use of your capital for core business activities during an expansion, plant maintenance or actual temporary unforeseen water emergency.