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RO Process Equipment - Brackish RO Units

Asset:   REV1190300R
Manufacturer:   Watersurplus
Description:   Mobile RO Trailer with two 8:4 4M each rated at 200 GPM
Quantity:   1
Condition:   Ready-to-Run
Price:   Call 800.919.0888 for pricing
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This mobile reverse osmosis system was re-engineered and re-built in November 2011.  This twin train system features a 200 GPM in an 8:4 array which can be reconfigured into a 6:4:2 array. It is fed by a Grundfos CRN64-5 high pressure pump and Grundfos CRN64-2 feed pump with VFD control.  Each train has twin 12R30 prefilters, pH control, ORP control and automated flow and pressure control. PLC is an Allen Bradley SLC-500 with a 8 inch touch screen to control both trains. The system has remote monitoring and control capabilities.

System Flow Rate (GPM):400 gpm
Twin 200 gpm RO units
Pressure Vessel Length (# of Membranes, e.g., 3M):Twin 8:4-4M units
System Array (e.g., 5:2):8:4-4M but can be reconfigured into a 6:4:2-4M
Pressure Vessel Diameter (inches):8 Inch
Pressure Vessel Rating (PSI):400 PSI
Pressure Vessel Material (e.g., Fiberglass, Stainless, etc.):Fiberglass