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Filtration - Housings - Bags

Asset:   FIH2320087R
Manufacturer:   Filtration Systems
Model:   NS-323-V-316
Description:   Multiplex Bag Filter Skid (3 Pod)
Quantity:   1
Condition:   Not Used - Surplus
Price:   Call 800.919.0888 for pricing
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Filtration Systems Multiplex bag filter system rated at approximately 350 GPM. This skid is comprised of three 30" housings.  Each vessel has 2" inlet and outlet ports, hinged lid and perforated basket. Individual housings are linked by 3" piping with flanged connections. Ball valves at each housing can be closed for servicing without taking the entire system offline.

The unit also has pressure gauge, drain and vent ports. Frame and housings are CF8M cast stainless steel. Housings are rated for 150 psi and can accomodate #2 bags.

Flow rate is based on housings only. This unit is in excellent condition.

Technical Documents:


Flow Rate:350 GPM (15ft/sec)
Pipe Size:3-inch
Material of Standard Wetted Parts:CF8M cast stainless steel
Configuration - # Bags:3
Top Cover Configuration (davit-slip off-hinged):hinged
Bolted or wing nuts:wing nuts
Skid mounted or leg configuration:skid-mounted