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Wastewater Equipment - Filter Press - Plate and Frame

Asset:   WWE3430044N
Manufacturer:   WATERPLUS
Model:   FP630-16/32-5/10AXX-G32L
Description:   Filter Press 5 CF expandable to 10 CF
Quantity:   Call 800.919.0888 for availability
Condition:   New
Price:   Call 800.919.0888 for pricing
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Industrial filter press with 16 filter plates, expandable to 32 filter plates designed for 5 to 10 cubic feet of sludge dewatering.  Recessed chamber filter presses utilize polypropylene filter elements (Polypropylene multi-filament PPL-#7103) which are good for treating general purpose, metal hydroxide and polymerized sludge.  Cake thickness is 32mm. 
The press only requires air to operate the hydraulic press motor and the plate shifter mechanism. The plate shifter is semi-automatic in that the operator must engage the device and walk with it along the press as it operates to slide plates apart for cake removal. This filter press does include an air back pulse option to help remove filter cake material. There is no cake collection drum included.             
Client would need to supply filtered air, sludge pump and final plumbing connections.  Client should confirm compatibility with chemical constituents of the sludge.
Dimensions are 141” L x 36” W x 52” H.  Shipping Weight 2,310 lbs.

Total Area - cubic foot of filter press:5 CF expandable to 10 CF
Number of Chambers:16 expandable to 32 Chambers
Total Area:102 SQ FT expandable to 203 SQ FT
Design Operating Pressure:100 PSI
Plate Size in mm:630 x 630 MM plates
Cake Thickness:32 MM thickness
Center Feed:Center Feed
Permeate Pipe Configuration:2 inch FNPT Slurry Feed, 1.5 inch socket discharge and 1/2 inch air blowdown FNPT connection.  SCH 80 PVC.
Plate Material and Descriptions:Polypropylene, gasketed, recessed chambers.
Options and Controls:Air Blowdown / Even Fill - Fully assembled with valves to provide even chamber filling and air blowdown. Includes air regulator.  Pressure regulator shipped loose for installation on manifold air blow valve.  Allows for future expansion from 5 CF to 10 CF without revision to foundation or hydraulics.
Plate Shifter:Manual Plate Shifter
Hydraulics:Modular design, air-operated hydraulics, automatic closure.