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RO Process Equipment - Brackish RO Units

Asset:   ROE3100227N
Manufacturer:   Desalitech, Ltd.
Model:   ReFlex 100 Featuring CCD Technology
Description:   100 GPM High Recovery, Low-Energy Reverse Osmosis System using CCD Technology for Flexible and Reliable Operation
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Condition:   New
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Utilizing the CCD process, this system provides high recovery and low fouling/scaling, while reducing overall required energy per 1000 gallons of water processed.  The semi-batch process allows this unit to automatically adapt to any variations in the feed water, while operating at the highest possible recovery relative to the scaling potential of the feed water.  Compared with a conventional 2-stage unit operating at 75% recovery, the CCD system can reduce the volume of wastewater produced by up to 70% and reduce the required energy by up to 35%.

Recovery: Adjustable between 75-98% recovery (subject to feed water quality)
Rejection: 95-99.5% recovery (subject to membrane selection)
Flux: Adjustable between 6-25 gfd
Feed TDS: 0-10,000 ppm
Max Pressure: 450 psi
Utility Requirements: 480V/3-phase/60 Hz/90A
Termination Points:  3” Flange on Feed, Permeate and Concentrate Lines

Technical Documents:

ReFlex Product Sheet

System Flow Rate (Permeate GPM):100 GPM
Pressure Vessel Diameter, Length, Pressure Rating and Material:8 Inch 5M
System Array:5 Housing Parallel
Pump & Motor Specifications:High Pressure 40 HP, 30 kW, TEFC 132 gpm, 377 PSI