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RO Process Equipment - Brackish RO Units

Asset:   ROE3100055N
Manufacturer:   SUEZ WTS
Model:   E8-144K-DLX
Description:   100 gpm Reverse Osmosis Machine Deluxe
Quantity:   Call 800.919.0888 for availability
Condition:   New
Price:   $59,884.00 ea
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100 gpm Brackish RO machine designed to operate in the 200 - 250 psi range. The unit has 7 3M vessels in a 3-2-2 array. Maximum recovery is 75%.  Operating temperature range is 55 - 85 Deg F.  Minimum inlet pressure is 30 psig. Pricing does not include membranes. Membranes can be quoted based upon system requirements.

Technical Documents:


System Flow Rate (GPM):100 gpm Permeate
Pressure Vessel Length (# of Membranes, e.g., 3M):3M
System Array (e.g., 5:2):3:2:2
Pressure Vessel Diameter (inches):8 Inches
Pressure Vessel Rating (PSI):300
Pressure Vessel Material (e.g., Fiberglass, Stainless, etc.):Fiberglass