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Providing solutions with diverse capabilities

Watersurplus is a full service solution provider for all of your water treatment equipment needs. Much of our large inventory of new, remanufactured and rental reverse osmosis systems and components are available and ready to ship immediately.

Watersurplus offers a range of capabilities that include consultation, recycling, pilot plants, service & start-up, testing, build-own-operate, warehousing & logistics and export marketing. Our expertise and market-based partners, along with our vast, ready-to-ship inventory is what makes Watersurplus your unique solution provider. We are proud to be your trusted supply chain solution and rental equipment resource.

Case Study: Repurposed RO Membrane Program and Rental Project Profile

Case Study: Repurposed RO Membrane Program and Rental Project ProfileA zero liquid discharge power plant in the western United States was experiencing problems with their cold lime softening system resulting in an inability to send cooling tower blowdown water to the evaporator. As a result four million gallons of untreatable water had accumulated and needed offsite disposal or treatment onsite. Cost estimates for hauling and offsite disposal of the water was approximately $1.00 per gallon for a total of $4,000,000.

Within two weeks of being contacted Watersurplus mobilized a temporary water treatment plant consisting of three 125 GPM multimedia filter tanks, three 125 GPM activated carbon filter tanks, two 150 GPM brackish reverse osmosis skids and one 75 GPM reject recovery reverse osmosis skid. More
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  Misc. Valve
Asset: VLV4390012N
Yardney  340004580BL
3 Way Automatic Backwash Valve, 24V Solenoid Controlled 454-D
    RO - Brackish 4 Inch
Asset: MEM2850079N
Lewabrane  B085 LE 4040
Low Energy Element 4x40
    RO - Brackish 8 Inch
Asset: MEM2860490N
Lewabrane  B400 FR ASD
Fouling Resistant Element 8x40 with Alternating Strand Design
  RO - Brackish 4 Inch
Asset: MEM2850078N
Lewabrane  B085 FR 4040
Fouling Resistant Element 4x40
    Brackish RO Units
Asset: ROE3100294-2R
40 gpm Reverse Osmosis Machine Deluxe with AB PLC
    Desalination RO Units
Asset: ROE3120176-1R
GE Water  
Skid Mounted Seawater RO designed to produce 5 GPM, 60 Hz, with Chemical Feed and CIP Connections and AD-90 Elements
  RO - Brackish 8 Inch
Asset: MEM2860477
CSM  RE 8040-FLR
Brackish Element 8 x 40
    RO - Brackish 8 Inch
Asset: MEM2860433
Hydranautics  ESPA2
Brackish Element 8 x 40
    Blowers & Fans
Asset: BLO1360004
Hibon  Air Blower 2042
Blower Package
Asset: FIH2330143
Filterite  63 MEGA+3-4FD
Cartridge Filter Housing, 21R30
Asset: FIH2330148R
Memtec  911232300
Cartridge Filter Housing, 12R30
    Brackish RO Units
Asset: ROE3100376C
GE Water  E8-57K-DLX
35-40 GPM Reverse Osmosis System, Deluxe Model